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Neuropathic Therapy Center

Are you suffering from nerve pain? Have you developed peripheral neuropathy induced by chemotherapy, diabetes or other causes? Our new center offers a breakthrough treatment to help you. 

Relieve your nerve pain or neuropathy with a proven, physical therapy treatment from Loma Linda University Health called Intraneural Facilitation or INF.™ See immediate results after your first session and join thousands of patients experiencing significant or complete relief.

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Neuropathic Therapy Center (NTC); Neuropathy Treatment, Neurovascular Theraphy Clinic (NVT)

“When I got to Loma Linda, everything changed. I felt comfortable.”

Genasis Crafton, Patient

“After working with Mark and his team, the word HOPE has a new meaning for me!”

Frank Garcia, Patient

“I came in with severe distress, burning feet, and a fear that I would soon be in a wheelchair.  I walked out free of pain and full of hope."

Lynette Belville, Patient

Meet our staff

Mark Bussell, DPT, BS, OCS

Dr. Mark Bussell, developer of the INF™ treatment, has successfully treated thousands of patients at Loma Linda University Medical Center since 2011. Dr. Bussell first developed this treatment to help his son's struggle with epilepsy and treat his own chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. He knows first-hand the pain damaged nerves can bring and is committed to bringing relief to peripheral neuropathy patients and others with nerve-related conditions.

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Meet our staff

Ron Coleman, PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Coleman is a physical therapist who has received his Certification in Intraneural Facilitation™ and treats a variety of neuropathy patients. He has an extensive history in treating athletes with sports injuries, as well as diabetic and cancer patients. Dr. Coleman has practiced at Loma Linda University Health since 2007.

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Meet our staff

Trisha Mooradian, PT, DPT, NCS

Dr. Trisha Mooridian is a physical therapist with experience working with patients that face neurological disorders. She sees the benefit of INF for her patients dealing with neuropathy and nerve disorders. Trisha hopes to become more involved in research for neuropathy to further identify the usefulness of the INF treatment. Trisha has been a part of the NTC team since 2019.

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Meet our staff

Jay Alido

Jay Alido is a physical therapy assistant who has treated both pediatric and adult patients living with various neurological impairments for more than 20 years. Alido also specializes in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. As a member of the Neuropathic Therapy Center, Alido designs and hand makes tools such as bolsters and arm bands to better improve the health of his patients.

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Meet our staff

Paul Samosky, PTA

A Loma Linda University alum, Paul Samosky has been part of the NTC family since 2018. Paul achieves positive outcomes based on communication and by promoting patient involvement. He has been involved in sports/athletics all of his life and believes in an active, healthy lifestyle. The INF philosophy is personal to Paul. His second son was successfully treated for Legg-Calve-Perthes (AVN) with the INF treatment.

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