5 Ways to Nerve Pain Proof Your Home

Tripping over toys on the floor at home

Home is one of the safest places to be, right? It is our homes that provide us with the luxuries of warmth, comfort and security.

The truth is, it can’t always be said for those of us living with chronic nerve pain. Our homes may present more obstacles than solutions to reducing nerve pain.

Nerve pain can cause muscle weakness, a loss of balance or decreased sensitivity to our hands and legs, ultimately making it difficult to move around safely within our homes. The risks of us falling or tripping are greater.

Here are a few things to consider while getting around in your home.

Rearrange Furniture to Meet Your Needs

Have a family member or friend help adjust chairs, sofas or tables according to how you stand and move throughout your home. Be sure that all rugs and carpets are securely taped down to the floor. Don’t forget you have the ability to make your home as perfect as you!

Keep the Floors Clear

Remove all items from the floor that may cause you to trip, fall or add additional pain to your legs and feet. This can be children’s toys, shoes, papers, bags or purses. Please note, electric cords and telephone wires may also be a hazard while walking. Keep them near the walls. 

Install Handrails

Reduce the chance of slipping while getting in and out of the shower with the use of handrails. They are easy to install and offer a higher level of protection. Anti-slip bath mats are also recommended.

Test Water Temperature with Your Elbows

Don’t test your bathwater, showers or dishwater with your hands or feet. If the water is too hot or even too cold, it may cause additional discomfort and pain. Using your elbows is a safer alternative.

Keep Moving

If you work from home or spend most of the day inside, it’s important to stay active. Be sure to get up every hour to stand, stretch or walk. This is the best way to improve blood circulation and reduce pain.

Let’s do our best to stay safe and well-protected while in the comforts of our homes. Remember, home is our sanctuary, and nerve pain doesn’t have to take that away.

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