Referring Physicians

Loma Linda University Health has expanded neuropathy treatment services with the opening of our new Neuropathic Therapy Center in 2017. The Neuropathic Therapy Center serves patients with peripheral neuropathy induced by chemotherapy, diabetes and other causes, avascular necrosis, sickle cell, vestibular disorders, or idiopathic pain syndrome. 

Mark Bussell, DPT, is the center’s clinical director. Dr. Bussell and his team treat patients through a non-invasive technique called Intraneural Facilitation, a variety of physical therapy-based treatments Dr. Bussell developed that enhance blood supply to ischemic nerves without the use of medications. This evidence-based therapy program has already resulted in many positive patient outcomes, reducing or even stopping nerve pain. Dr. Bussell has published the results of a pilot study on this treatment in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Operated in cooperation with Loma Linda University, the Neuropathic Therapy Center is located in the Professional Plaza adjacent to Loma Linda University Health’s East Campus location.

How to Refer a Patient

There are a few ways for you to refer your patients to our center for care.

  1. You can call our patient navigators at 909-558-6799. They are standing by to assist you.
  2. You can scan or fax this Paper Referral Form (link to the attached paper form) to us at or fax to 909-558-6513.
  3. If you are a Loma Linda University Health Provider, you can submit your referral through LLEAP. Here’s a Tip Sheet

Your patients will receive outstanding treatment in our new facility, with first-class experiences to patients throughout the course of treatment.

For more information regarding the Neuropathic Therapy Center or treatments, please contact us at 909-558-6799.

What Physicians Say

Dr. Bryan Tsao

"Over the years I have referred many patients for INF™ treatment with Dr. Mark Bussell, most with painful neuropathy refractory to medical therapy. Their experience has been uniformly positive with improvement in limb swelling, nerve pain, and other symptoms. INF™ is a novel therapy that is non-invasive and a real treatment option where symptoms are not adequately controlled with medications. Dr. Bussell’s professionalism and caring manner has gained my patient’s trust and provide them substantial relief from their symptoms."


Dr. Gayathri Nagaraj

"As a medical oncologist, I see my cancer patients experience peripheral neuropathy due to certain chemotherapy agents which include symptoms of numbness, tingling, pain and imbalance.  Fortunately, I have noticed significant improvement in their symptoms with Mark’s Intraneural Facilitation™ (INF) treatment which is a novel non-invasive treatment option to improve the micro-vascular circulation to the injured nerve endings. I have also received very positive feedback from my patients with regards to their overall experience."