INF Treatment

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For Mental Health Awareness month, we’re taking the opportunity to share how your mental health and stress affect your chronic nerve pain.

Do you know the link between your chronic pain and stress?

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain severe enough to frequently limit life and work activities, according to a Centers for Disease Control 2018 report. Chronic pain can be debilitating and hinder independence, making it one of the most common reasons adults seek medical attention. ​

Older man inquiring about INF treatment.

What is INF Treatment?

First, let me just say how excited and honored I am to share this exciting new treatment with the Loma Linda University Health community and its patients. Intraneural Facilitation or INF™ has always been near-and-dear to my heart beginning with my cancer diagnosis in 2010. It was this very treatment that I found relief from nerve pain. Now, it’s my turn to help others find similar relief.

Genasis Crafton coaching her cheerleading squad.

Genasis Crafton, cheerleading coach for the Apple Valley Rattlers

Cheering to My New-Found Confidence

Of all the things in this world, there is nothing I enjoy more than cheering! It gives me a sense of purpose to motivate and inspire others as they achieve success on and off the field.

The truth is we could all use a cheerleader in our lives at one point or another. Someone to lift us up when we’re down, to help us stay on track when we’ve lost our way and a compassionate friend who never loses hope — even if we have.

I found my friend and cheerleader in Dr. Mark Bussell. He has been on my team since day one.