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As we shelter in place amid the coronavirus pandemic, here is what you need to know about managing your nerve pain at home.

How to manage nerve pain while staying at home

The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in uncertainty, opportunities for resilience, and is set to shape a new era of medicine. For those who are sheltering in place and suffering from neuropathy, this can also be a time of stress and may leave them wondering what experts have to say about managing their pain at home.

For March’s National Nutrition Awareness month we’re taking the opportunity to shed light on metabolic neuropathy and how which foods can affect your pain.

Nerve Pain and Nutrition — What You Need to Know

Doctors tell us the benefits of a healthy diet range from disease prevention, longevity and overall making you feel good. For those of us living with chronic neuropathy, smart nutrition choices are essential to minimizing nerve pain. March is National Nutrition Awareness month, and we’re taking this opportunity to shed light on metabolic neuropathy and how what you eat affects your pain. 

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Three things to know about your first session at the Neuropathic Therapy Center.

First neuropathy appointment? Here’s what you need to know

You hurt. You hurt a lot, and the pain is frequent. As a result, you’ve conducted research and discovered your pain symptoms matched common signs of nerve pain. Empowered with that information, you begin taking steps to ease your neuropathy by making healthier lifestyle choices and working with a physician to identify the cause of your pain.  

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Try these tips to maintain a healthy, fun and pain-free winter season.

3 tips to enjoying a pain-free winter

The winter season is in full gear and you know what that means — colder temperatures, snow-filled activities, hearty foods and slowing down. While winter can be abundant in joyful things to do, for those experiencing chronic nerve pain, it can also be one of the more challenging times of the year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Don’t let your neuropathy steal you away from holiday festivities. Try these tips.

How to Uninvite Nerve Pain from Your Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means — baking, decorating holiday festivals, traveling to loved ones, and office parties. The holidays bring the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. However, it can also be a hard time for those with nerve pain.

Before missing out on the festivities, remember that minor adjustments can make the difference in your pain symptoms. Try these tips to successfully manage your nerve pain during the holidays.

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November is diabetes awareness month, and we’re taking the opportunity to highlight the relationship between food, diabetic nerve pain and provide helpful tips to navigate you through dining out.

How to dine out with diabetic nerve pain

November often marks the beginning of the holiday season — the time of year for giving, traveling and likely enjoying a good meal with loved ones. As we celebrate the season, we also have the unique opportunity in November — diabetes awareness month — to shed light on diabetic-related nerve pain and what you can do to manage it when dining out with friends and loved ones. 

We’ve collected the most common questions patients are afraid to ask about neuropathy and answered them.

5 scary questions you may have about nerve pain

If you’ve been told you have neuropathy, you may not initially know what this means. 

For some, this can be a moment of confusion. Others may go in to “fix -it” mode. For others, this diagnosis can sound absolutely terrifying. First, let me assure you that you are not alone. An estimated 50 million Americans suffer some form of chronic pain or neuropathy. What lies ahead is a new chapter and opportunity to improve your lifestyle. 

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September is pain awareness month, and we’re taking this opportunity to specifically focus on the nerve pain caused by injuries, such as repetitive use seen in the wrist from desk jobs.

Do you know why injuries cause you nerve pain?

September often marks the beginning of fall — the time of year for evening walks, sporting activities and harvest treats with loved ones. As we celebrate the season, we also have a unique opportunity in September — pain awareness month — to shed light on nerve pain. Whether it’s from disease, medications, old injuries or treatments, an estimated 50 million Americans suffer a form of neuropathy. We’re taking this time to specifically focus on the pain caused by injuries, also known as mononeuropathy. 

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Don't miss out on your favorite summer’s happenings! Try out these four tips to maintain a healthy, fun and pain-free season.​

How to enjoy the summer with your neuropathy

The summer season is upon us, and you know what that means — it’s time for picnics, graduations, weddings, theme parks and the outdoors. Summer brings the opportunity to share laughs, indulge in treats and enjoy quality time with those we care about. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying all the summer offerings—in fact, I encourage it—the truth is for those living with nerve pain, the challenge to avoid any discomfort and still have fun with loved ones is a stressful reality.

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In celebration of this Fourth of July discover what steps you can take to be independent and pain-free.

How to be independent from your neuropathy in 3 steps

Don’t let your nerve pain keep you from enjoying the summer holidays! Celebrate this Fourth of July by taking steps to regain independence from your neuropathy. 

Be it a holiday, vacation or everyday activities, no one wants to feel hindered from the things that matter because of their pain. As we celebrate the Fourth of July, let’s not forget that freedom from neuropathy is achievable. With simple changes and adjustments to your everyday norm, you too can lead a healthy, meaningful and independent life free from pain.