Intraneural Faciltation (INF™) treatment is an effective way to restore blood flow to your damaged nerves and eliminate the pain, tingling, numbness and other symptoms that often come with neuropathy.

Neuropathy, or nerve dysfunction, is strongly impacted by reduced blood flow. INF™ utilizes three holds or positions which improves the relationship between the arteries surrounding nerves and improves blood flow to targeted nerves. The improved blood flow in these nerves stimulates healing and reduces or even stops nerve pain.

Loma Linda University Health has had great success with INF™ treatment in nerve pain patients, with more than 80% of patients experiencing significant relief. These results are often achieved without using expensive drugs, which often come with their own side effects.

INF™ may be a good treatment option for you if you have diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy induced neuropathy or other chronic nerve pain condition. It is an evidence-based clinical treatment for peripheral neuropathy and a safe, non-invasive therapy option for many patients.

Risk Management insurance offered by Loma Linda University Health does offer coverage for these treatments. You’ll be responsible for a co-pay for each session. We are negotiating with other insurance organizations for coverage. 

Each treatment session is one hour long. Typical treatment plans can include between 10 - 20 therapy sessions, though the number of sessions you need may vary depending on your diagnosis and care plan.

No, INF™ treatment is not painful. It's a non-invasive treatment guided by your therapist and keeping you comfortable and relaxed throughout.

Our therapists are very experienced and have practiced physical therapy for more than 25 years. Dr.  Mark Bussell, our clinical director, developed the INF™ treatment and has provided more than 10,000 treatments since 2006.

We are conveniently located in a beautifully remodeled section of the Professional Plaza building located next to Loma Linda University Health’s East Campus facility.

Loma Linda University Medical Center
East Campus
25333 Barton Rd.
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Dr. Mark Bussell developed this Intraneural Facilitation treatment in 2006. He pioneered this approach to help his son's struggle with epilepsy and treat his own chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. He knows first-hand the pain damaged nerves can bring and is committed to bringing relief to peripheral neuropathy patients and others with nerve-related conditions.