What People Are Saying

Intraneural Facilitation or INF™ has helped heal nerve damage for many patients.  Hear what a few of our patients and physicians say about this innovative treatment for neuropathy.

What Our Patients Say


Amy's Story

At 2 years old, Amy suffered the loss of the ability to move one side of her face due to Bell's Palsy. Amy has a spirit about her that is really special. After successful treatment, Amy's spirit is really coming out.

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Tanner Samosky

"We were able to restore Tanner's hip to fully recovered, back to normal where he can pretty much do anything a normal 9 year old kid wants to do without having any hip pain whatsoever" - Tanner's Dad

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Genasis Crafton

“I was determined not to let cancer define me.”

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Charmain Buckholtz

"Now I am pain free and back to doing what I want to do: horseback riding, yoga and pilates"

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Davis Galluzzo

"The therapy is helping me stand and walk."

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Frank Garcia

"Now I am pain free and back to doing what I want to do: horseback riding, yoga and pilates"

Lynette Bellville

"The center is just a beginning for the many patients who suffer with neuropathy and pain. Now there will be a center dedicated to those of us that need help…we are privileged to now have a place to go to at Loma Linda."

What Physicians Say

Dr. Bryan Tsao

"Over the years I have referred many patients for INF™ treatment with Dr. Mark Bussell, most with painful neuropathy refractory to medical therapy. Their experience has been uniformly positive with improvement in limb swelling, nerve pain, and other symptoms. INF™ is a novel therapy that is non-invasive and a real treatment option where symptoms are not adequately controlled with medications. Dr. Bussell’s professionalism and caring manner has gained my patient’s trust and provide them substantial relief from their symptoms."


Dr. Gayathri Nagaraj

"As a medical oncologist, I see my cancer patients experience peripheral neuropathy due to certain chemotherapy agents which include symptoms of numbness, tingling, pain and imbalance.  Fortunately, I have noticed significant improvement in their symptoms with Mark’s Intraneural Facilitation™ (INF) treatment which is a novel non-invasive treatment option to improve the micro-vascular circulation to the injured nerve endings. I have also received very positive feedback from my patients with regards to their overall experience."