Nerve Pain Treatment with INF™

Intraneural Facilitation (INF™) treatment is an effective way to restore blood flow to your damaged nerves and eliminate the pain, tingling, numbness and other symptoms that often come with neuropathy.

Neuropathy or nerve dysfunction is strongly impacted by reduced blood flow. INF™ utilizes three holds or positions which widens tiny openings in arteries surrounding nerves and improves blood flow to targeted nerves. The improved blood flow in these nerves stimulates healing and reduces or even stops nerve pain.

No surgery

No medication

Fast results

What is the INF™ Treatment?

Intraneural Facilitation uses three physical holds to stretch specific nerve areas and bring pressurized blood flow to damaged nerves. Nerve function is rejuvenated, relieving you of pain and discomfort.

Facilitation Hold - Powers the Treatment

Blood is biased into the blood vessels around the neural connective tissue in nerves around a joint. A constant facilitation hold brings blood into the neural system, pressurizing the system.

Secondary Hold - Stretch the Nerves

Neuroconnective tissue is stretched to allow pressurized blood flow into the targeted nerve.

Tertiary Hold - Encourage Blood Flow

A third hold is used to encourage blood to move farther up the neural connective tissue and improve “vascular pathways” into the nerves that are being targeted for treatment. Symptoms are relieved as blood circulation flows back into the nerves and nervous system function is restored.

It has been a blessing to treat patients with INF™ and see their lives change as patients realize what life can be like again without pain or numbness. 

Dr. Mark Bussell

Your Treatment Program

Comprehensive Evaluation

Your treatment program is uniquely designed for your individual needs. We'll start with a comprehensive evaluation to analyze the specific nerves that are causing your pain and also physical or nutritional factors that may contribute to your symptoms.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

Next, we'll conduct diagnostic tests to identify your current nervous system health. With duplex ultrasound technology (the same kind used to identify heart attacks in emergency rooms), we'll examine your peripheral circulatory vessels and assess the impact it is having on the peripheral nerves.

Tests can include:

  • Activities-specific Balance Confidence (ABC) scale
  • Modified Total Neuropathy Scale
  • Monofilament assessment
  • Vibratory testing
  • NeuroCom SMART Balance Master
  • Pain Quality Assessment (PQAS)
  • Lower Extremity Neuropathy Scale (LENS)

Individual Treatment Plan

We'll review your test results and evaluation findings to design a neurovascular treatment plan that's right for you. Together, we'll review a plan of physical therapy, diet and exercise to fix your nerve damage and finally get your life back. Your first therapy session could even start the same day.

INF Treatments

Your treatment program will include a series of treatment sessions to encourage blood flow back to your nervous system. You'll get 1:1 highly personalized sessions with your therapist, who will ensure the circulation is being restored to the nerves. Each session is an hour long and typically takes place over 4-8 weeks.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are both important parts of the process. Your therapist will give recommendations on ways to improve your personal diet and home activity level. In addition to evaluating your activities of daily living, the therapist will give you INF ™ exercises you can do at home to continue to improve your neurocirculation.

Treatment Progress Checks

We'll do more nerve, balance and blood flow tests to track how the treatment is working within your nervous system. The tests are painless and a great way for you to see first-hand the positive changes happening inside your body as the treatment progresses.

Evaluation and Follow-Up

At the end of your treatment program, we'll evaluate you to ensure your initial physical therapy goals were met. Treatment is now complete and you'll feel rejuvenated. We'll review a follow-up care plan with you and your family so you can maintain your improved health.

I have noticed significant improvement in my patients' symptoms with the Intraneural Facilitation Treatment. I am very glad to have Dr. Mark Bussell, DPT help my patients with this disabling condition.

Dr. Gayathri Nagaraj, Medical Oncologist, Loma Linda University Medical Center